Singapore PR

Singapore Permanent Residency (SPR) is one of the ways eligible foreigners and their families may settle, reside in our country while contributing to it.

Our first assisted application was in 2008, as the client wasn’t sure who to trust after spending much on various visa agents. Even the “foldable table form-fillers” in Lavender tell of such fascinating and easy tales of getting this coveted residency.

We found the science of applying SPR with Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) quite clear and relatively easy.

We have maintained our high success rate since, approvals, consultations and feedback giving to the authorities who consider us a credible service provider. Over these years since, we have aided applicants at first and some with the rare secondary interviews.

For our decade old experience and updated know-how, we require a free 15 minutes interview with the applicant. Not anyone else, no representatives, no email interview. We’re really sorry, no waste of professional time please.

Upon the interview, our experienced officer will assess the application chances. Frankly, if it does not meet our expectations, we shall politely decline at the end of the free interview.

If our officer determines it is acceptable for our professional assistance, 2 service options will be suggested.

We are not immigration agents or visa brokers. They can be highly specialised but our strong experience is rather significant. We do not fill up a form, or play with frivolous guarantees that do not work in the first place.

One of the most common examples we hear of: Pay S$8000 and get a money back guarantee of S$5000 if rejected, just fill up the templates. Sounds great but we should all know the service already expects to make that 50% since it’s doomed application for a start!

Applicants are advised to read the latest Singapore PR requirements stated by Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

There’s so much hype and untruths out there. Yes, Singapore PR is certainly not easy to apply for, but you need to prepare and “do it right the 1st time”; not hearsay and keep appealing or re-applying blindly!

Full Assistance or 1 Hour Consultation?

Singapore PR is quite a ‘life-changing’ application with alot of pros and cons to face up to.

Yes, getting our acceptance is certainly a boost since we know the chances and requirements so well. We do not recommend impulse and you should go back, think about whether to obtain which service from us.

Our Singapore PR Application Assistance package already includes a precious 1hr of consultation session; in which we assess your current standing and success rate, and advise you on the application process AND any possible alternatives which can be easier to apply for. ( ie. EntrePass/ employment ). Without such a light shining on your front path, you will either pay sky high prices elsewhere for the same amount of service/ info; OR just waste your precious chances by applying yourself!

Our professional service package is S$5100.00, subject to clearance of our 15 minutes interview first. If our officer does not suggest this service, we shall politely decline any offers (we often had to).

With our assistance and experience, you naturally enjoy a SIGNIFICANT increase of success rate. Do remember that even though appeals are possible, you REALLY have ONLY 1 chance. Unless your appeal is particularly strong, you will only be wasting your time and money to go around.

Our Singapore PR Consultation service is a new 1 hour service, which can be conducted internationally online via MSN, via email ( max. 5 emails ), or you may choose to have it conducted at MOS 1 office. This means that while you may have plans to seek Singapore PR, you NEED NOT travel to this region as yet.

The following categories of foreigners are eligible to submit applications:

• Spouse and unmarried children (below 21 years old) of a Singapore Citizen (SC)/Permanent Resident (SPR);
• Aged parents of a Singapore Citizen;
• P, Q or S work pass holders;
• Hong Kong residents who satisfy certain guidelines

There are just too many applications everyday, but naturally just a small percentage of successful applications.

The other purpose of the 1hr Consulation session, is that if your application would be a very “soft case”, we would rather choose not to proceed for you so as to preserve your precious 1 time chance. You’ll only be paying for the standalone 1 hr Consulation session service.

Our Singapore PR Consultation service is only S$1200.00 per 1 hour.

This is a highly specialised and professional service, which can be conducted internationally online via Skype, via email ( max. 5 emails ), or you may choose to have it conducted at MOS head office. This means that while you may have plans to seek Singapore PR, you NEED NOT travel to this region as yet.

Besides the convenience factor, an important highlight is that : With profesional advice, some foreigners actually need not go through the lengths of applying for Singapore PR.

Our consultant spends an hour of quality time discussing with you on your plans, qualifications, current status and can advise you correctly on Singapore PR application process, OR any alternatives which can be easier, ie. EntrePass/ employment pass.

Without advice and help from professional services firms, everything seems to be very confusing. There are many variations of Singapore PR and as many other easier alternatives which you would not know of!