Prepaid Postage Account (PPA)

Signup/ Topup Now S$50 or S$100

PPA is an add-on to your main service. It pays for so many uses, if you need.

When your main service ends, we refund remaining balance to you.

Pays your local/ international forwarding. No more micro payments!

Need a certain letter opened and scanned? Use PPA to pay for it!

Get cheques deposited/ pay postman for short postage? Use PPA.

Balance refundable at end of main service. Like EzLink, topup if you need!

Fax is seldom used but when you need to send one out quickly!

Need to photocopy any documents/ pay misc? Dig for coins no more.

If you need these services, pay easily with PPA

Total weight of COMBINED letters for local forwarding in Singapore if <1kg $3.60

Total weight of COMBINED letters for international forwarding if <1kg $5 + postage

Open and scan per letter contents (not exceeding A4 size, <10 pages) $2

Deposit per cheque into Singapore bank with scan in .pdf $2

Receive per page of foreign faxes in .pdf $3

Per fax transmission to Singapore number $2

Per page of fax transmission to foreign number $2

Photocopy per page in business paper, black & white $0.60

Per 1 hour booking of Modetti HQ meeting room $52

Per parcel smaller than an A4 ream, left for courier to collect $6

MODETTI is a known Professional Bureau Singapore established since 2002.

We do not have hidden fees or charges. Our multi-discplinary practice comprises corporate advisory, secretarial, accounting, taxation, business support services and virtual office services like these, which we have been providing for more than 14 years.

Since we now reached exceptional mail volumes (like a postal hub), our experience and popularly low fees benefit every client!