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Established since 2002, we are an accredited Professional Bureau Singapore.

We do it fast, accurate and advise you correctly without cross-selling or gimmicks. Registering companies and providing corporate advice to company directors and shareholders is our daily work.

For past 14 years and on, we serve locals, foreigners and foreign companies with our strong experience and we provide 49 variations of Singapore company registration services.

We incorporate everyday so it’s a walk-in service, no appointment needed. At our Head Office, any MODETTI® officer on duty may assist you easily throughout.

Shops or agents take days and need you to give or share your SingPass with them. We are a Professional Bureau Singapore, recognized by ACRA and granted powers to expeditiously process business and company registrations. We do not require you to share SingPass with us.

We have no hidden fees or surprises. We are known for doing what we do best – provide the directors with proper and accurate advice. Fees including ACRA charges are from just S$506 onwards.

We incorporate a Singapore company usually from just 1 hour onwards, can often arrange senior bankers to attend to your corporate bank account opening at same time if you prefer. Incorporate your Singapore Company properly? We do it right so many times since 2002.

Instant Fee Estimator,
Singapore Company
(for Singapore citizens/ PRs only)
  Instant Fee Estimator,
Singapore Company
(for foreigners/ foreign companies)

From instant company incorporation, company secretary, advisory, accounting and so forth, M.O.S provides a wide suite of professional services related to private limited companies, public or limited by guarantee companies.

With our specialist experience, enjoy our friendly + affordable services!

Essentials for a company

Company Secretary, required by law

Section 171 of the Companies Act in Singapore, requires all Singapore registered companies to appoint a company secretary into office so as to be compliant with the basic regulatory requirement. This company secretary is not the admin type of office secretary or personal assistant. The office of company secretary shall not be left vacant for more than 6 months at any one time.

Private limited companies need not appoint chartered accountants or lawyers as their company secretary but as the director of your company, you are required to ensure that this appointee who must be either a Singapore citizen or permanent resident; would have the requisite experience and knowledge of corporate compliance to assist and advise you.

It is remarkably essential that this is not just a “person on the street” who agrees to be named as the company secretary. We routinely enjoy many new clients switching to us from those “shops” or “agents” who provide just a “named” secretary whom the directors usually never will meet, and if they do, often turns out to be rather clueless on the many questions that you will have! One without the necessary experience, will not know how to guide you on the AGM and resolutions, or provide crucial timely advice on company matters.

We are the only licensed practice in Singapore, with 5 different types of genuine Company Secretary.

As a director, you cannot afford shortcuts and get wrongly advised by inexperienced individuals who are more concerned about selling you packages or promises of lock-ins and all kinds of gimmicks. We’re often told that these will rush your questions and often never addresss them properly. MODETTI® is a Professional Bureau Singapore. We are popular with all types of companies as our fees are affordable and we provide genuine answers and advice.

For example, our 1 Year Professional Company Secretary fees are inclusive of all non shares related changes (no limit per year) and also include all ACRA filing transaction fees during our 1 year tenure, otherwise known as govt fees which others will often try to charge you for.

Under this popular package, our fees and scope of professional services do include:
• Preparation of Minutes of 1st Board of Directors’ meeting
• Professional referral for opening company bank accounts
• Complimentary advice on Singapore company compliance issues
• Complimentary advice on Singapore company CPF, GST related
• Complimentary advice on Singapore company IRAS related
• Draft and preparation of all non shares related changes to the Company
• File electronically with ACRA on resolutions passed (govt fees included)
• Monitor and remind you of yearly compliance deadlines, processes and schedules
• Advise you closely on timing of financial year considering revenues at stages
• Vet and review your accountant’s Un-Audited FS for issues/ errors before you sign
• Instruct your accountant to rectify timelines, review PIC grants if applicable
• Advise you on AGM processes, plan and prepare documents, convene and file AR
• Issuance of Share Certificates (To be signed and seal by Directors)
• Prepare declarations, transfer forms and E-stamping of Share Transfers with IRAS
• Maintainence of the statutory registers and signed documents
• Safekeep the company seal (if entrusted) under lock and key per Companies Act
• Coordinate with the auditors for review of registers and archives (if required)
• Assistance to apply for CPF CSN, guidance to calculate CPF, SDL and advise on CPF matters
• Advisory on Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), Data Protection Officer (DPO)
• Advisory on ACRA Companies Act Amendment and changes 2017
• Advisory on corporate and regulatory compliance

Our appointee is a senior officer of the company, and already someone who serves and advises the directors and boards of few hundreds of other Singapore companies. Upon meeting with our appointee for the initial complimentary 15 minutes session, you can witness the glaring difference of professional company secretary with facts and valuable experience to share with you.

Apart from the statutory obligations, our experienced Company Secretary is certainly not the average person. Being well accredited and experienced with advisory role in hundreds of companies, our Company Secretary also dispenses advise and assists on your company’s operational matters of relevance, such as CPF contributions, GST registration considerations, management level pass application plans and advice on agreements and contracts.

This professional package is especially suited for new startups and existing companies wishing to operate and enjoy genuine professional advice within the basic and most affordable budgets.

MODETTI® serves all types of companies, from the newest startup to local subsidiaries of foreign listed MNCs.

1 Year Practising Company Secretary, S$560 Best for those who have other companies, minimal needs.
1 Year Professional Company Secretary A, S$720 For all startups to current companies switching service providers for better.
1 Year Chartered Company Secretary P1, P2 and P3 For new public companies who may need, aspiring to be listed.

Professional Nominee Director, Resident Director

Professional directors are not the common men. Only MODETTI® senior officers will partake in this heavy role if invited, and will consider as well as carry out the necessary KYC, due diligence prior accepting.

Our fees are from S$5000, subject to due diligence since the first consideration is more of repute above others.

A standard security deposit of S$5000 is required and it is fully refundable if our professional director may resign successfully within the 1 year term. An typical good example of this happening is when we have assisted the foreign director to obtain a Singapore EP, so he/ she may replace us as the resident director in the company.

A deep knowledge of the Singapore Companies Act, corporate compliance and regulatory requirements are just part of the requisites. Our appointees are existing Directors and Company Secretaries in many reputable corporations, mostly with the same interest of having a true professional, reliable, predictable and one who always puts the interests of the appointed companies as priority.

As with the complexity and responsibility pertaining to this position, M.O.S will ascertain the right candidate after extensive screening on background, ensuring that there is no conflict of interests and that he/ she is an active business person.

As an accredited Professional Bureau, we assign or recommend ONLY GENUINE professional who has the business integrity and expertise required of a nominee director.

Commonly available, most service providers assign just about any Singapore citizen/ PR to be named. As a known professional services provider, our candidates are NOT those regular man on the street. Our fees are already inclusive of legally binding indemnity agreements which protects the foreigner/ beneficial owner; and as well as protects the professional nominee director; in a balanced way for both parties.

We provide and assign nominee director who has and is serving on board many other companies in Singapore and overseas, a genuine trusted business person to help bring credibility to your company.

A standard refundable security deposit of S$5000 is required after clearing our KYC, due diligence. We gladly refund this if our director may safely resign within the 1 year tenure, usually great because you may have obtained EP/ your staff can rise up to take this position.

This is a highly remarkable difference versus appointing a normal “man-in-the-street” who will neither be able to carry out the directorship requirements and will only present un-necessary delays by due diligence account opening from banks as well as misunderstandings over time. Appointing friends or normal persons suggested by shops, often lead to disputes over directors fees and un-warranted claims which can be avoided from first step.

Furthermore, legally valid indemnity documents are required of applicant while declaration of trust documents can be similarly expected of the selected non executive nominee director. The duration of each tenure as in this service package is for per annum from date of appointment and renewable by mutual consent.

Conditions apply because our professional nominee/ independant directors are basing their solid reputation. Credible foreign clients are always pleased and well assured that we assess using our KYC and due diligence accordingly on a case by case basis so that it is a ssafe and balanced arrangement.

As a Professional Bureau, we never practice locking clients in and forcing obligations. Upon the foreigner director/ shareholder obtaining a valid work pass or PR in Singapore, the professional nominee director shall gladly step down from the appointment because the company no longer requires a resident director. Thus, it is on a 1 year renewable tenure as long as both parties are agreeable.

Professional Nominee Shareholder

A Nominee Shareholder is a person appointed to hold the shares in the Company for you, as your Nominee, so that your name does not have to appear on the register of shareholders stored at the Company’s Registered Office.

Our 1 Year Professional Nominee Shareholder costs just S$500.

M.O.S will assess your requirements and the situation surrounding your company and the shares held, therein for your best interest. With this information, we can then be able to screen and select an appropriate business person with no conflict of interests and with a public character and responsibility to hold the shares in your name, manage or handle them accordingly to your instructions from time to time.

As with the nature of this position being a nominee shareholder of your shares in the company, a written and hand signed Declaration of Trust acknowledging that this designated nominee shareholder is holding the shares on Trust for you and that he/ she will only deal with the shares in accordance with your instructions.

So much to think and plan? Just visit MODETTI® Head Office, speak to our duty officer for free 15 minutes discussion.

You’ll find your way, get the right help to set up your Singapore company.