EntrePass Application

EntrePass is for eligible foreign entrepreneurs wanting to start and operate a new business in Singapore.

Our first assisted application was in 2006, reluctantly as the client really needed the right assistance after being “guaranteed” by many.

We have maintained our high success rate since, approvals, consultations and feedback giving to the authorities who consider us a credible service provider. When an applicant contacts us because an officer suggested so, we’re glad!

The ministry and peers know we do not extend our professional assistance to just anyone. We understand and always update ourselves with their expectations for EntrePass applicants.

This is not a form-filling process and our country expects entrepreneurs of a certain calibre, experience and level of success.

For our decade old experience and updated know-how, we require a free 15 minutes interview with the applicant. Not anyone else, no representatives, no email interview. We’re really sorry, no waste of professional time please.

Upon the interview, our experienced officer will assess the application chances. Frankly, if it does not meet our expectations, we shall politely decline at the end of the free interview.

We are not immigration agents or visa brokers. We do not just fill up a form, or play with frivolous guarantees that do not work in the first place.

One of the most common examples we hear of: Pay S$5000 and get a money back guarantee of S$2500 if rejected, just fill up the templates. Sounds great but we should all know the service already expects to make that 50% since it’s doomed application for a start!

Applicants are advised to read the latest EntrePass requirements stated by Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

There’s so much hype and untruths out there. Please do not frustrate yourself by applying unprepared for a specialised pass that expects much in return.