Yes, you often have bigger non-mail items coming in. You prefer we handle and store them, ok noted.

Alright, you never miss a sale on #CyberMonday #BlackFriday #MustbuyThurs … we get it.

You always grabbed best online deals from Shopee, Amazon, Qoo10, Lazada, Taobao, Alixpress, and all; but often not at home to receive them?

No time to rush over the collection points and ohh, those lockers store each item only for 2 days?

Now, BOX by MODETTI® is here for you.

Address + Receiving + Notifications + Storage + Easily Resize from just S$49

“Fit all you can” for all your purchases, wins and deals. We’d receive your parcels, packages, items (non-perishables) and you get email notifications anytime.

Is it always nice to see what you received? And just collect conveniently days or weeks later?

BOX 1 is spacious enough

S$49 monthly
OR only S$580 yearly

“Fit all you can” within generous capacity of approx 43,767cm3, stores about 11 Amazon A1 parcels and more. Happy storage for your items.

BOX 1 is basically Citylockers S+. Locked by MODETTI® officers, your BOX(s) sit well in our office. Signup with PayPal/ email us for PayNOW and more.

BOX 2 stores so much

S$70 monthly
OR only S$830 yearly

“Fit all you can” within large capacity of approx 65,729cm3, about 17 Amazon A1 parcels and more. Big storage for your items.

BOX 2 is basically Citylockers M+. Locked by MODETTI® officers, your BOX(s) sit well in our office. Signup with PayPal/ email us for PayNOW and more.

BOX 3 enough for a family of shoppers

S$90 monthly

OR only S$1,000 yearly

“Fit all you can” within huge capacity of approx 72,000cm3, about 19 Amazon A1 parcels and more. BOX 3 is really large, ala SingPost Speedpost XXL carton. It accomodates many mid sized or several large parcels.

Locked by MODETTI® officers, your BOX(s) sits well in our office. Signup with PayPal/ email us for PayNOW and more.

Address + Receiving + Notifications + Storage + Easily Resize from just S$49

Whenever we receive anything for you, get a quick notification and see how the parcel looks like.

When your BOX is nearly full, we’d remind you options or just come collect them easily on weekdays anytime between 11am to 7pm. We even have trolleys, large carrying bags available for loan.

And, if you have no time to collect them, we can forward them to you and charge simply from your PPA.

BOX by MODETTI® is new but mostly booked at both MODETTI® offices. Get your BOX(s) soon, enjoy that familiar care and convenience we’ve been bringing you and your business.

  • Address

    SG Mailing address included

    Means you get a real Singapore mailing address that works, one that your online store can deliver to. No funny suite/ box numbers, not PO box or temporary locker, not someone’s back room or short favors. Come by our offices if you haven’t. We’ve been handling mail since 2002, and known to do it so very well!

  • Receive

    We receive your items for you

    That’s right. Most of us can’t be waiting at home for the delivery guy, but we should be getting what we bought right? These parcels can’t be contactless delivery and just left outside the door OMG. Always nicer, safer that trusted people receive it and store it well for you. Enjoy notifications too.

  • Notifications

    Get timely notiifications, see what’s in

    Like EVE notifications you enjoy with our mailing address services. When a new parcel is received, we send you an email notification. Log in with your secure password and see a useful pic of how it looks like. Helps you make well informed decisions to collect, store further or forward how.

  • Storage

    Stored, locked and well in our office

    Your BOX isn’t out there in the open. It stores your parcels, items and stays locked in our office, handled only by MODETTI® officers. “Fit all you can” into the allocated space. If oddly sized items come, we apply human logic to help you. You’ve been to our offices, each BOX isn’t within anyone’s reach.

  • Resize

    Easily resize, add BOX(s) or change plan

    Well, its that easy, scaleable we call it. Sometimes you shop online more often sometimes there’s lesser deals, correct? Simply add another BOX if you need, or change your subscription plan up or down. If you really wish to, end subscription easily by clearing your BOX before expiry.

Further questions? Check out our FAQs or just email MODETTI® now.

We’ve been handling business mail since 2002, Citylockers since 2008 and serve as collection points of online stores.

At MODETTI®, experience counts, integrity is always important and we apply effective tech to do what we’re known best for. One of the first few proponents of today’s PDPA, we put real priority on privacy.

Been there, done that and still doing it happily well; we processed more than a thousand letters in a day, serve > thousands of Singapore registered businesses and companies; including subsidiaries of foreign MNCs and registered societies, associations.


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