From past, to present and in future, the role of an advisor remains crucial to any company.

Our first business advisory case was just weeks from start of MODETTI®, back in 2002.
With continuous OJT, abundance of cases, kind clients and good opportunities, our knowledge and experience developed over all the years. Real practical experience wasn’t just enough so we went through ADR and real commercial mediation training to add it up. MODETTI® has been advising CEOs and company management in various capacity, some far beyond the company secretary role and being an important part of many significant decision making processes.

A key niche is that we understand decision makers and the tremendous stress, pressure you face.

Everything has to look good, no matter how messy or confused things really are. So our role is to help, support and be that steady pillar. We don’t decide, we don’t influence and we have no agenda apart to contribute towards success, or just that little inch of progress.

We help give those insights you probably have not though of, so the top people go on, and things go on, as smoothly as possible.

Details about the services will be updated here soon.

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