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Practice Areas

MODETTI® focus on practice areas of expertise, specialities, capabilities and competence. So you’d benefit!

Corporate Advisory

Since 2002, we advise startups, SMEs and also CEOs of foreign MNCs in different ways, accordingly well.

Accounting & Tax

MODETTI® is IRAS Corporate Tax Agent representing client companies of various sizes, local and foreign.

Secretarial, Compliance

ACRA Registered Filing Agent, Professional Bureau Singapore. Staffed by Qualified Individuals.

Business Support

Singapore's top virtual office, business support services, immigration and workpass.

Trusted Clients
Corporate Filings
Total Cases Advised
99. %
Successful SPR/EP/TTP


Not a 1 man show, no jack of all trades. Here’s a good bunch of specialists in 2 real offices in Singapore.

Officer 1

Head, Corporate Advisory

MODETTI® Corporate Advisory services include CEO coaching, board advisory, nominee and trust roles to assisting in SPR, EP applications.

Officer 2

Head, Compliance Secretarial

Incorporations often. Licensed Company Secretary, compliance for usual startups, SMEs to subsidiaries of foreign listed MNCs.

Officer 3

Head, Administration

Not only handling our group companies, but often engaged to run daily business operations, payroll of client companies.

Officer 4

Head, Mail Services

Well, it started in 2002 and needless to say, anything related to mail handling and now storage, all in our known good hands.

You are a startup, want to get real directions towards fledge?

First, there’s no gurus, social marketing genius here. Nothing flashy, everything real and tested.

Trusted Advisors in Business

Well, we are in it for the passion, because we like what we do and we make the trust work well 2 ways.

Never just advisors but board members, trained in mediation, ADR specialists and basically, we are that trusted 3rd party to gel good together for objectives and results.

Why Choose Our Firm

Hmm, we don’t hardsell, or need to promote. We’re not good at sales and you’re discerning. So maybe you be the judge?

Experienced Officers

We have officers who served more than 12 years. MODETTI® serves royalty, HNWI, prominent good persons and basically we seen it all and know how we can really help.

Updated knowledge, practices

Experience and knowledge ain''t good if not updated. We don't rest on the past. Being constantly updated and versant, that's relevance which we thrive on.

Know our role, honesty

Too many examples around. Basically, we know whats our role from the start to ongoing. It's supportive, discreet and gotta be effective because you'd rely heavily on us, correct?

What Our Clients Say

It feels great that most clients say that we are really “boring”, no hidden agendas or surprise fees, no nonsense and “overworked”, yes!
I inquired about setting up a business years back while holding DP, they are brilliant and honest. I never hesitate to refer them to anyone planning to start business in Singapore.
Business Owner
MODETTI was suggested by a contact attached to embassy and active in trade association. Not very old company but they showed quiet quality and good attention helping our subsidiary here.
Actually frustrating in the beginning because they are showing too many options, not a few packaged deals. Now I know why and grateful we continue and grow with MOS, already 9 years.

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