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Many know of us as one of the top virtual office services in Singapore.

Over the many years, we evolved, grew with you and your business; now managing a wide variety of corporate services. Clients know we don’t provide a service unless we’re confident of managing it well. Duty, obligations.

So, thank you for always putting that trust, hefty reliance (ah) and all good things unto us!

There's so much more we now do!

1. Accounting, Tax, Payroll

As you focus on business, our accounting professionals have requisite experience, knowledge and skills help you with your company’s accounts, tax and payroll matters. Nowadays, we do it with the cloud and even your smartphone. A Peace of Mind, readily.

2. Singapore Company Registration

Company can be incorporated live from 1 hour. Overall costs from just S$506, inclusive specialist advice and all government fees. We’re a Professional Bureau Singapore, incorporate up to all 49 variations of companies. Just call for appointment/ walk-in.

3. Virtual Offices/ Registered Address

We have 2 offices in Singapore and have been providing these address and mailing services for past 17 years. More than 4,000 Singapore registered companies rely on us last checked 2011, not counting foreign companies and known individuals around the world.

4. Singapore Companies for Sale

Buy or acquire older companies safely. Instead of brokering like others, we acquire and hold the company to solve all due diligence and compliance processes. We curate our selections like antiques because that assurance is so important.

5. Singapore EP/ EntrePass/ SPR

Since 2006, we’re known and sometimes referred clients by MOM for Singapore EntrePass. We hold highest success rate for professional firms and have good experience in Employment Pass (EP) and Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR).

6. Business Support

We have more than 30 types of call answering, fax to email and other support services. To operate your business efficiently and nimbly, take a look at these solutions which have benefitted many other companies and still do.

Our Enterprise & Corporate Banking Partnerships

MODETTI is so “boring”. Having counted on you all these years, I’m surprised my son relies on you even more than I do!

Now that’s a huge compliment, coming from a 2 generation client.

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